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Connect your wallet to wrap or unwrap your $BUNNY

Wrap your $BUNNY. Swap for $PBOM.

Pocket Bomb is here. If you'd like to swap your $BUNNY for $PBOM, the first step in the process starts on this page.

Transferring tokens from one blockhain to another (e.g. Ethereum to Binance Smart Chain) requires a process called bridging. Due to the fee structure, $BUNNY must be wrapped before bridging.

Connect your wallet to begin wrapping.

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Wrap or Unwrap $BUNNY

If you're looking to wrap $BUNNY to swap for $PBOM, enter the amount of your $BUNNY you'd like to wrap, click Wrap, then proceed with the rest of our how-to guide.

You can unwrap $BUNNY here as well, for converting wrapped $BUNNY back to standard $BUNNY.

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Swap for $bWBUNNY

Once you've wrapped your $BUNNY, head to BurgerSwap and swap it for $bWBUNNY. You will need the contract below to import the Wrapped $BUNNY token into BurgerSwap

Wrapped $BUNNY Contract