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Pocket Bomb is a deflationary token with a max circulating supply of 777 Million. Each transaction incurs a 4% tax that is distributed in four equal parts: 1% to holders, 1% burned to The Junk Yard, 2% locked liquidity, and 1% as a bonus to liquidity providers. As volume increases, the amount burned increases logarithmically, eventually leading to an exponential decrease in supply.
Each transaction automatically rewards holders and increases the token's price floor through liquidity locks. All without staking.


A New Way to Farm, Distribute, and Grow Projects

Rocket Drop is a farming/vault contract that allows users to stake any BEP-20 token into designated pools and obtain yield. What makes this different from other farming contracts is that it allows the creation of pools that pay out in the same token that is staked. Additionally, it allows the creation of farming pools that distribute yield in any other BEP-20 token. This allows us to open farming pools for virtually any token quickly and cheaply, all within the same contract.

  • Offers an alternative to the typical pre-sale structure
  • Allows increased adoption for new token launches
  • Funds immediate liquidity for new projects
Announcement Video ROCKET DROP is coming soon!


$PBOM combines DeFi's best tokenomics into one.

Token Symbol


Max Supply

777 Million

Transaction Fee

4% per transaction

Auto Liquidity Lock

2% per transaction

LP Bonus

2x (2.25% total)

Burn Rate



FEB 2021

Design and creation.

FEB 2021

PancakeSwap listing.

FEB 2021

Phase 1 marketing push.

FEB 2021

ROCKET DROP release.

MAR 2021

Partnerships & Integrations.

MAR 2021

Expansion and Phase 2 marketing push.

APR 2021

Pocketswap release.

MAY 2021

Expanded partnerships.

MAY 2021

Continuous DEX upgrades.

MAY 2021




Rocket Drop: An Elaboration

As mentioned in our previous article, Rocket Drop is intended to be a new way of releasing token-based projects. The current models offer some combination of either a pre-sale or a straight-to-dex token listing...


Rocket Drop: A Fresh Approach to Yield, Rewards, and Opportunities

A major issue with farming nowadays is that yield is typically paid out in one specific token. Usually a project token, the farming requires users to stake liquidity tokens in order to accumulate yield...


Welcome to Rocket Drop.

Rocket Drop combines the most sought after tokenomics across DeFi: automatic liquidity adds, compounding yield, deflationary supply, liquidity provider rewards, and price shock protection...